Nokia Lumia 800 to hit UK on November 16, black first, other colors to follow

Nokia has confirmed that its much anticipated Windows Phone 7.5 Mango handset, the Nokia Lumia 800, will go on sale first in the UK starting November 16. But carriers will only stock the black model initially with the Cyan and Magenta versions to come later. The gorgeous device is designed based off of the company's N9 MeeGo handset and was unveiled at last month's Nokia World Conference.

According to WinRumors, network operators in the UK expect to offer the black model of the Nokia Lumia 800 in large volume initially before stocking the other two colors. The popular Cyan color likely won't be in stock until November 28. Pricing is expected to be at £399 (about $640 USD) on various Pay-As-You-Go packages in the UK. Orange will have a variety of plans including one that will offer the device for free.

It's not been confirmed when the Nokia Lumia 800 will make its way across the pond to the US, but recent speculation point to a launch in early 2012. It's been leaked that Nokia has a massive advertising campaign planned for its first batch of Windows Phones but that it won't kick off until next year. For more details and pictures of the Nokia Lumia 800, make sure to take a look at our hands-on and our unboxing.