Nokia Lumia 610 and 305 complete certification process in Indonesia

A pair of new mobile phones from Nokia that includes the 305 handset and the Lumia 610 Windows Phone have both passed certification processes in Indonesia. The 305 is believed to be low-end mobile phone, perhaps part of the Asha range. The Lumia 610 is expected to be an entry-level Windows Phone device running the Tango flavor of the OS.

There are some rumors that the Lumia 610 may be entering the UK soon as a smartphone for pay-as-you-go users. One of the good things about smart phones passing certifications is that often we get more details of devices from the certification report. The certifications won in this case don't offer a lot of detail. The Lumia 610 is listed as supporting GSM 900/1800 frequencies along with WCDMA 2100.

We do already know that Tango is a lower-end version of Windows Phone and is supposed push hardware requirements down making for cheaper handsets. Tango requires only 256 MB of RAM and allows smartphone makers to use three megapixel cameras keep costs down. If the Lumia 610 is cheap enough, it could be an appealing device for smartphone shoppers on a budget. The 610 is also tipped for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi support.

[via The Verge]