Nokia Lumia 510 leaks for tight pockets

Those of you wanting to get in on the Windows Phone game with Nokia's next-generation smartphone lineup but don't want to shell out the cash might be happy with what's been leaked today – a Nokia Lumia 510. I emphasize "might", especially since this device has been tipped as coming with Windows Phone 7.8, the version that was revealed with Windows Phone 8 with nearly – but not quite – the same features as the futuristic Microsoft mobile OS. This device has been spotted in a blurry photo and in hands-on video format.

What you'll be working with here is a single-core 800Mhz processor from Qualcomm and shell that looks rather similar to the Nokia Lumia 710 [see our review here]. The big difference is in the physical buttons and the fact that this device does not appear to be working with a USA carrier at the moment – though there is an international version of the 710 too, for those of you wondering. This handset is more than likely set to be released in China first and foremost for those just jumping in on Windows Phone.

Please excuse the terrible quality of the video, but do note that the device does appear to pretty much be a legitimate model if not a final working device.

For everyone else, the specifications of this device might not impress fully – a 5 megapixel camera on the back, no front-facing camera, and a 4-inch LCD up front as well. This device will fit in your hand perfectly will and will likely come in a variety of case colors on the back. Look for this device to appear in your local China-based mobile carrier within the next couple months, more than likely. This device has been tipped to be costing aproximately $150 USD (converted) with a 2-year contract) and will be working with 4GB internal memory and 256 RAM.

Have a peek at the timeline below to get a handle on what else is coming from Nokia in the weeks ahead – it's a Lumia festival. Along with the Nokia Lumia devices we saw in New York City what seems like yesterday, you'll be getting Windows 8 compatibility with full Windows Phone 8 software integration. Nokia is one of Microsoft's best buddies on this set of devices, so you'll be getting the full Windows Phone 8 experience without a doubt!

[via GSMArena]