Nokia Lumia 1020 UK Pre-Orders Go Live, Accessories In Tow

In a move that's sure to bring on a couple of double-takes from prospective Nokia Lumia 1020 users on the fence about pre-orders in the UK, Nokia is bringing the full monty in one swing. Starting this week – today, the 12th, to be exact – Nokia will be attempting to tap the market with a pre-order package that includes the Nokia Camera Grip, wireless charging back cover, wireless charging plate, and a tripod, along with the Nokia Lumia 1020 itself.

This deal includes carrier costs with UK carrier 3. While this smartphone will be launching with the same release date with O2, Vodafone, EE, Phones4U, and Carphone Warehouse, the pre-order offer appears at the moment to only be valid with 3 UK (aka UK carrier Three, just so we're clear what we're talking about here).

UPDATE: Mobile device retailer Clove has also made note of their participation in the pre-order deal. This deal will be working with this retailer's Black and White SIM-free (off contract) models – but make sure you note the change in date: Clove's models will be appearing on September 27th.

On pre-order, Nokia's 1020 page has the phone listed at 69 pounds with 38 pounds paid each month for two years thereafter. This price also includes 2000 minutes talk time, 5000 texts, unlimited data each month. Plans are also available at 34 and 36 pounds per month, each of them with a 2-year contract, and only with the phone in yellow or black.

Off-contract with 3 UK, this device will cost you a cool 550 pounds, while Clove's model costs 588 pounds, and other retailers will likely ring in right around that point – O2 was found earlier today to have listed a price ofr 599.99 pounds off-contract, but that price is no longer listed when this article is being published. Make sure you shop around before dropping the cash, if you do plan to do so!