Nokia Kinetic concept sits up to get your attention

Man's best friend (and woman's, too, for that matter) is now their cellphone – dogs are so awfully 20th century – and designer Jeremy Innes-Hopkins' Nokia Kinetic concept can even sit up and beg.  Intended to make non-audible alerts more noticeable, the Kinetic concept has a curved base and, when the phone rings or a new message comes in, can gradually sit upright to notify you.

Innes-Hopkins envisages being able to tap the phone gently to dismiss the incoming call, with the Kinetic then lying back down again.  Since it's a concept there's obviously no great hardware detail, but he suggests the use of some sort of electromagnet in the base section that we're guessing could be used to shift the Kinetic's balance around.

It would certainly be a lot easier to spot than a tiny blinking light, and we like the idea of the phone standing up of its own accord for media playback or video calls.  Still, with the fashion still for ultra-slim devices, we can't see the Kinetic's lumpy bottom fitting in too many hipster pockets.

[via The Nokia Blog]