Nokia is working on new Vertu smartphone

Nokia has been busy the last few months since it landed a new CEO. The company has shunned Android, one of the most popular mobile operating systems and instead went with Windows Phone, one of the least popular operating systems around. The company is also hurting badly and has axed a large number of workers, and moved Symbian off to another firm.Reports surfaced today that Nokia was going to let 4,000 workers go around the world with most of them in Denmark, the UK, and Finland. The workers will be terminated through the end of 2012. At the same time, Nokia is moving about 3,000 workers to Accenture along with the development duties for Symbian OS. Despite the cuts Nokia is moving ahead with new and questionably tasteful Mobile devices in its high-end luxury brand Vertu.

Vertu is at work on a new mobile phone in the Constellation Quest family and the word is the new handset will be made from carbon fiber. The smartphone will run the Symbian OS Nokia is shedding. The device will come in a stainless steel version or in an 18K gold version. The smartphone will also support the Vertu Lifestyle Services. The price isn't announced, but it will be very far from cheap for either version.

[via Electricpig]