Nokia gets connected with automotive futures

This week the folks at Nokia are bringing on the next generation of their hardware and software integration talks with none other than their own Floris Van-De-Klashorst speaking about the future of automotive. The Connected Car, as they call it, is one which is a futuristic concept – this meaning that though we've got cars at the moment that are relatively connected, we've not yet scratched the surface. According to Nokia, it's Points of Interest (POI) search capabilities that are at the center of the future for vehicles that use what they call "Intelligent Technology."

Built-in phone technology as well as data connectivity is at the center of this concept as well – as Nokia sees the future, anyway. They've presented a video showing off some concepts as they sit inside the concept known as the Ford Evos. This vehicle is a blue beast, with no less than cloud services and APIs, search technology, mobile connectivity, and build-in communication technology as well. Have a peek at this concept video and see what the future holds.

Nokia is announcing this week via their Conversations by Nokia blog – or perhaps re-announcing for those of you that've followed along with the Evos rather closely- that they're working with Ford as one of its main integrators of futuristic tech. This partnership will use Nokia's own Location Platform to support the vehicle's in-car location-based set of systems. This vehicle will, thanks you Nokia, not only know where you are and what businesses and places of interest are near to you at any given point, it'll know which kinds of music you like to listen to on certain commutes.

You'll also be working with Satnav maps to bring on your ability to avoid locations in your city (or wherever you're driving) with heavy pollution. With detectors and reporting devices such as what we're seeing here with this vehicle and its connected services alone, we're hoping for a completely world-environment-aware vehicle in the very, very near future.

Have a peek at our hands-on look at some Nokia Windows Phone mapping technology that we saw back at CTIA earlier this year as well to get deeper into Nokia's love for knowing where you are at any time – and what's around you as well.

First have a peek at Nokia Drive and Nokia Transport:

Then get in deep with Nokia Maps, the center of the whole Nokia GPS universe:

Finally check out Nokia City Lens – an amazing next-generation vision on Nokia Windows Phone devices which will allow you to see tags on every business and building of interest around you – it's fabulous!

Stay tuned for more awesome Nokia location-aware technology, and get ready for awesome Nokia-embedded vehicles as well!