Nokia flagship N-series touchscreen smartphone imminent?

Nokia are preparing to launch what could be the company's flagship touchscreen cellphone this coming week.  The device, which according to Robert Scoble no internet rumor has yet pinned down exactly, is believed to be a high-end handset which only "a handful of people" within Nokia have seen.  Scoble suggests that it could include Broadcom's new chipset that combines WiFi, GPS and Bluetooth, which the company themselves confirm is "just about" to be announced.

Nokia currently has a teaser countdown timer running, presumed to be for the new handset's announcement.  Last month, Nokia India's Devinder Kishore confirmed that the company has a "lot of touchscreen phones coming up, including an N-series device very soon".  A leaked Nokia roadmap suggested three different touchscreen handsets, two of which could be ready for demonstration by the end of the year.

The first, codenamed the IP08, sounds similar to the XpressMusic 5800, with a widescreen display, Naviscroll control, A-GPS, WiFi and a 5-megapixel camera.  Meanwhile the Ivalo has a larger, 3.5-inch touchscreen together with 32GB of onboard storage.  Finally, the Eitri will have the same size display, less memory at 8GB but a pressure-sensitive touchscreen with haptic-feedback together with a compass like on the T-Mobile G1.