Nokia Eco Sensor phone concept

James Allan Brady - Dec 10, 2007

So lately Nokia has been trying to bring out the eco-friendly sprite in all of us, with little to no success. Last week it was the environmentally friendly Nokia 3110 Evolve, this week its this Eco Sensor concept phone.

This phone is really a system of 2 devices, the phone, and then the wrist band. The wrist band is loaded with sensors which then communicate their data to the phone via low-power near-field communications. Now, making a gadget that can help your phone do cool things like predict the weather and monitor your health and local environmental conditions is cool, but unless it can do something more useful, it isn’t much of a selling point for the masses.

So, add a watch, caller ID, something like that to the solar-powered watch portion of this gadget. The phone appears to be fully touchscreen, which is kind of cool, but has also been done before. To keep the eco-friendly thing going, they are made of the most eco-friendly components available, such as printed electronics, bio-materials, and reclaimed materials, oh, and the wrist-strap part is solar powered by the panels built into the wrist band.

Nokia Eco Sensor Phone Concept [via UnwiredView via SlashPhone]

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