Nokia Drive for Mango adds voice control but AT&T ignoring Searay say tipsters

Nokia is reportedly readying a voice-control update for its mapping software, with the new PND app set to debut on the company's first Windows Phone handset. According to WinRumors' tipster, a T-Mobile Germany product display – temporarily erected at the carrier's headquarters – confirms the new 3D mapping system. However, there's also talk that AT&T may have decided to bypass one of the first Nokia Windows Phones, the Searay, and instead hold out for the Nokia Sabre.

Tipster JOE tells SlashGear that AT&T has decided against ranging the Searay, and will instead push the Sabre – among the upcoming Mango handsets leaked by Microsoft Canada – with a mid-2012 release in the US. Specifications are said to be midrange, though it's notable that the T-Mobile Germany partial spec sheet suggests at least one Nokia handset will have a 3.7-inch AMOLED display. Considering we're expecting the Searay to have a 3.9-inch AMOLED, just like the N9, that might indicate the Nokia Sabre has the smaller panel.

As for the mapping system, that sounds like a port of Nokia Drive – as announced for the N9 earlier this year – but with the addition of voice control rather than just voice guidance prompts. Microsoft is pushing ahead with voice control functionality in Windows Phone, so the addition would make sense. Whether, as was initially suggested, Nokia's enhancements will be carried over to other Windows Phone OEMs remains to be seen.