Nokia designs phone that detects lightning

Chris Scott Barr - May 25, 2007

Nokia must have a huge R&D department, first they come up with a phone that tells you when it’s done charging, now they have a phone that can track lightning.

The phone can supposedly track nearby lightning strikes and warn you of their danger. Now I have no doubt that this phone can do just that, I’m more concerned about why they would bother including something like this. Lets look at some of the flaws in logic here. First, when I’m outside, I already have a few things that inform me of nearby lightning strikes: my eyes and ears. Unless you are both blind and deaf, you’re going to know that lightning has struck. If you’re indoors and can’t see or hear these warning signs, you probably don’t care anyway.

I’m also curious about how often it informs you that there is lightning. In large storms I would imagine that lightning will strike quite a few times, so is your phone going to be going off constantly every time it storms? What about when you’re sleeping? Will you need to check the weather every night and put your phone on silent if there is a chance of thunderstorms, or will you just have to turn off that setting every single night? Seriously Nokia, is there really nothing better to spend your time on than this?

Nokia’s anti-lightning phone [via crave]

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