Nokia Clarity Earbuds and Go Earbuds+ are brand name basics: Worth it?

A new set of Nokia earbuds were released this week by the folks at HMD Global. This is the company that owns the Nokia brand, and the company that handles the rights to the name for products of all sorts. The Nokia brand earbuds revealed this week are relatively basic in their abilities – but they very likely out-perform their price points at between $30 and $70 USD.

Nokia released four new earbuds this week, including the Nokia Go Earbuds+ and the Nokia Clarity Earbuds. These earbuds will be available for approximately $35, $70. At these relatively low prices, we do not expect the earbuds will perform at a level anywhere near what we're seeing with far more expensive earbuds from brands like Apple, Samsung, or even gaming companies like Razer.

The Nokia Go Earbuds+ and Nokia Clarity Earbuds charge with their wireless charging cases. UPDATE: To be clear, the charging case on the Nokia Go Earbuds+ itself requires USB-C to charge. The Nokia Clarity Earbuds have a charging case that itself can be charged wirelessly (with a Qi standard charging pad).

Nokia Clarity Earbuds have 10mm neodymium drivers and dual mic noise reduction with Qualcomm cVc tech. Nokia Clarity Earbuds have IPX5 water resistance, 6.5 hours of audio playback in the buds and 20 more hours with the charging case. These earbuds work with Bluetooth 5.0 for wireless audio.

Nokia Clarity Earbuds work with an LED light ring in each bud that activate when you're listening to audio. Nokia suggests this is so "people around you will recognize that you're not to be disturbed." The Nokia Clarity Earbuds will be available from Walmart for around $70 USD.

ABOVE: Nokia Clarity Earbuds, BELOW: Nokia Go Earbuds+. They'll end up looking pretty similar when plugged in to a users' ears, save the light-up ring around the logo in the Clarity earbuds. The audio quality in the more expensive set will likely be significantly higher in quality than the are available for half the price.

Nokia Go Earbuds+ work with 13mm drivers, 6.5 hours of listening time (battery life), and "up to 19.5 hours" extra from its charging case. The Nokia Go Earbuds+ work with IPX4 sweat and splash resistance. These buds will be available from Amazon for around $35 USD.