Nokia clamshells compared - fashionably slim N76 photoshoot

With all the fuss about Nokia's N95 "all that and the kitchen sink" phone, the dull-but-worthy N76 has slid under the radar.  The first few retail handsets are dropping into the laps of the patient faithful, however, and there's the usual race to flaunt new purchases and generally fill everyone in on how the Finnish company's latest clamshell holds up against its chunky predecessor.  Howard Forums member BostonIrishGuy is one of the first to make the comparison.


Held against the N75 it's obvious that Nokia have squashed the N76 down – the only problem with that is that they've managed to make it longer in the process.  Apparently it feels lighter and generally more "zippy" to use, with menus flicking through quickly and a beautiful screen.

That etched keyboard might be giving you RAZR-flashbacks, but BostonIrishGuy assures us that it's easy to use.  Perhaps the most important dimension is depth, though, and here the N76 really shines:


So, pocket-friendly if lacking in the bells'n'whistles that other more headline-grabbing handsets have packed in.

Howard Forums [via Darla Mack]