Nokia blocks bullet: legendary ruggedness remains

The Nokia Lumia 520 can add another badge to its collection of accolades: it's just blocked a bullet. This smartphone was resting in the back pocket of a off-duty Police Officer's pants this week when he was fired upon by two robbers. Two shots, one bullet on-target for this man's rear end.

This is Sao Paulo, where robbers ride bicycles. Two robbers took a woman hostage from her own sidewalk into her own home. While one robber stayed inside the house with the hostages – including the woman, her husband, and another relative, the other robber remained outside. On his bicycle.

The son of the woman taken hostage in this situation arrived approximately 30 minutes after they'd begun being taken hostage. He brought his police uniform to his mother's home in order for it to be washed – little did he suspect he'd be fired upon once he began approaching the house.

One shot hit a neighbor's front gate, the other hit the man's buttocks – only blocked, luckily, by the smartphone he carried in his back pocket. At the moment the robbers seem to have escaped with minor goods stolen from the house, and no one was physically injured in the process.

The Lumia 520 – also running point on being the best-selling Windows Phone device in the history of said operating system – was destroyed.

This Nokia will no longer function as a smartphone, giving the ultimate sacrifice in service to its owner. We must assume the phone has been given a proper burial with a 10-Nokia-ring salute.

VIA: Globo