Nokia attacks the iPhone 5 in new Lumia ad

After the launch of Apple's iPhone 5, we knew it would only be a matter of time before sparks flew. We already saw Samsung's advertisement about the Galaxy S III that bashes Apple's latest offering, but now it's Nokia's turn. The company released a video advertisement on YouTube that features the manufacturer's Lumia 920 flagship phone and attacks the iPhone 5 at the same time.

The video is pretty subtle (and kind of weird, frankly) and doesn't include any dialogue whatsoever, but it gives you a clear idea that Nokia simply thinks the iPhone 5 is boring. More specifically, the only difference between a boring phone and great phone is apparently the color of the device.

Nokia boasts that its lineup of vibrantly-colored Lumia devices is the one thing that separates them from Apple's boring black and white iPhone 5 models. Apparently, having a selection of colors to choose from when picking out a smartphone is a huge deal to Nokia, and they think that it's one of the biggest reasons that users will switch to the company's Windows Phone 8-powered Lumia devices.

The video advertisement is part of Nokia's "switch" campaign to sway users away from iOS and Android. In an odd way, the video reminds us of Apple's famous "1984" ad that was for the original Macintosh. It includes some of the same eeriness and subtle messages that were in Apple's Macintosh ad.

[viaW Macgasm]