Nokia adds live traffic and geocoding to Microsoft Bing maps

Nokia and Microsoft have been partnered closely on Windows Phone smartphones for a while now. The two companies partner on more than smartphones alone. Those other partnerships include working together to bring improved location-based services and apps to Microsoft users. Microsoft and Nokia have announced improvements for Bing Maps.

Bing Maps now uses Nokia Maps traffic information and geocoding algorithms. Those geocoding algorithms described a system that takes latitude and longitude information and turns that information into a readable address. The addition of traffic to Bing Maps is a big deal for people using the service for driving directions.

The traffic information also provides details on accidents and delays that could delay people using the map to get around. Another cool feature is that the traffic information also extends to side streets rather than main highways alone. That way, you'll know if you get off the main highway due to an accident and the to side streets are also backed up. Nokia says it's geocoding algorithms is how it's maps know the Seattle Space Needle is that coordinates N47° 37′ 13.807″, W122° 20′ 57.088″ and vice versa.