Nokia 808 PureView Pre-Order Hits Amazon UK

How much are you willing to spend on Nokia's 808 PureView? Whatever figure you had in mind, Amazon UK has thrown up a pre-order page for the 41-megapixel packing phone. The release date is pegged for June 30th, so not long to go, but if you want to own a little piece of history you'll have to say goodbye to £499.98 (~$782). Expensive, yes, but there also isn't anything out there quite like it.

We've received our 808 PureView here at SlashGear and are currently busy putting it through its paces, but so far we've been impressed with the quality of the camera output. Reviews and samples from across the internet also indicate just how good that camera really is, although for the price Nokia is asking we should certainly hope so. Unfortunately, it's all held back by the inclusion of the Symbian operating system, but hopefully we'll see the technology make a jump to Windows Phone in the not too distant future.

The phone will be sold unlocked in the United States as well for around $699, with a slightly later release of July 8th. Good news for those on T-Mobile USA though, as the handset will be compatible with the carrier's 3G bands in addition to AT&T's. We'll be bringing you a full review of the phone shortly, so stick around to find out if the PureView is worth the high asking price.