Nokia 803 user manual leaks with line art

Line art isn't as nice as a real pic of a smartphone in the wild, but when it comes to line art or nothing, we will take the pic however we can get it. A user manual for the Nokia 803 has been leaked and inside that manual is a drawing of the smartphone from three different sides. The device appears to be thick and have a rounded back.

You can clearly see the hump for the smartphone camera and the flash along with controls for the device. The manual gives up a few details on what is inside the smartphone. The device has Symbian Belle for the OS, NFC, HDMI output, and DLNA capability.

There are no details on the hardware inside that smartphone; some rumors are claiming this is a flagship update for the Nokia N8. The Nokia blog reckons the screen is 3.2-inches. So far, it doesn't really sound like a high-end device to me, what do you think?

[via TheNokiaBlog]