Nokia 8 is going to be a chore to open up for repairs

Nokia phones are quite known and notorious for their durability, but that was back in the days of plastic and rubber. With glass and metal wrapped around today's smartphones, it's good to see that even Nokia's premium flagship so far, the Nokia 8, is a solid runner. But durability doesn't exactly equate to repairability and, in fact, is sometimes the opposite. But while the Nokia 8 does score some points in the latter, it's not going to be an easy journey inside.

JerryRigEverything's Zack Nelson says that he is doing the first ever teardown of the Nokia 8, so he's mostly going in blind with the help of guides. He also doesn't have a handy score for us to know how easy or hard it is to tear down and repair the Nokia 8.

Right off the bat, however, it's already difficult to gain access to the insides of the phone, requiring no small amount of heat to separate the display from the screw-less back. And then you have deal with a total of around 30 screws to fully remove everything.

There are some things going for it, however, in terms of repairability. Many parts are modular, like the cameras and even the USB-C port, even if you need to unscrew that much to get them. The battery sits on its own frame, making it easier to replace, even though it sticks quite well to that frame.

Unfortunately, the tear down also stresses one of the Nokia 8's biggest flaws. It might be scratch proof, burn proof, and bend proof, but it is not water proof. The measly IP54 protection on the speakers reflects the phone's own IP54 rating, which, as far as water and dust proofing is concerned, is practically useless.