Nokia 6300 4G, Nokia 8000 4G to give classic phones a modern spin

HMD Global is definitely very busy in the smartphone market, not just with Android phones but also with reviving Nokia's old handsets. It already revived a few, most notably the Nokia 8110 "banana phone". It is continuing to do so, it seems, with two new phones coming this month that will give the classic Nokia 6300 and Nokia 8800 some modern capabilities, starting with support for 4G networks that didn't exist back when the originals were launched.

The Nokia 6300 that its 4G revival will be based on wasn't exactly that memorable back in the days. It was simply one of the many confusing Nokia designs that littered the market and its 2020 successor could be exactly that as well. Except, perhaps, for the color options of Cyan, Charcoal, and White, hinting at a possible plastic body compared to the original.

Nokiapoweruser also mentions an upcoming NOkia 8000 4G but there is no Nokia 8000 back in the days. The site theorizes it will be based instead on the Nokia 8800, and admittedly more stylish handset. It was considered one of Nokia's more premium models back then, with its stainless steel housing and scratch-resistant display. It also had a sliding mechanism that revealed a T9 keyboard beneath that screen.

The two phones will reportedly share many specs in common despite the design difference. An unnamed single-core processor will run the show with just 512MB of RAM and 4GB of internal storage. That might be too low to run even Android Go so it's no surprise really that HMD Global opted to use KaiOS again instead.

There is no exact leaked date for these phones' debut but HMD is expected to have a big event sometime this month. That will also be the event where it will announce two new Android-based phones as well, the Nokia 7.3 5G and a higher-end Nokia 9.3 PureView.