Nokia 3-inch buttonless wonder tipped for CES 2012 event

Get your salt out, ladies and gentlemen, because although this device may well be a real-deal object set for the 2012 event already set in place by Nokia for CES, it's also only appearing in a single photo which very well could have been doctored to look like an attempt by Mr Blurrycam at capturing a unique glace for himself. The story that goes along with the image you're about to see is that someone at Boored@Work got Nokia's Chris Weber to show off a piece of the "Amazing Everyday" event early: this piece being a business card sized device made by Nokia and set to bust apart the idea that your smartphone is the only device you need.

Not that we needed more incentive to check out new devices, of course, we're always up for a few more digital bits, but what use would this tiny monster be? Perhaps it is a digital business card made to only display a few screens and therefor having near-infinite battery life? Maybe we've got a new iPod contender on our hands here? Or maybe it's just a tiny smartphone taking the hint from Android that physical buttons are passé?

No matter what way you wind it, the display is showing off a graphic not unlike what we've seen set for Nokia's 2012 CES event, so IF this thing is real, we'll probably get a much better look at it at that event. We'll certainly be there, too, with bells on, so be prepared right here in the SlashGear main news feed. Find all of our CES 2012 news right here in the big portal: [CES 2012] Seeya then!

[via Nokia Gadgets]