Nokia 1 Android 10 update has started rolling out

The Nokia 1 isn't exactly a phone that would wow people, not unless you're impressed by how basic and affordable it is. Of course, its whole point was to deliver an Android experience that almost anyone can afford, regardless of budget constraints. Most phones on this tier often get forgotten after they land in the market. HMD Global, however, is proving it isn't like the others and is rolling out the phone's second and probably last major Android update.

Launched in early 2018, the Nokia 1 came with Android 8.0 Go Edition, Google's special configuration for resource-constrained phones, specifically those with less than 2GB of RAM. These entry-level phones don't always see much action as far as updates go and, in contrast to the Android One program, Android Go doesn't exactly carry with it a guarantee of updates. That's why it was a pleasant surprise with HMD did update the phone to Android 9 last year.

Lightning has struck twice and HMD Global is announcing that the Nokia 1 will start receiving Android 10, depending on your market. Of course, that depends on your market and whether you will be part of the first or second waves of updates.

The Android 10 update is quite significant even and especially for these phones that are often easily forgotten after launch. In addition to new features like full-screen navigation gesture and dark mode, it also provides stronger security and privacy checks, not to mention the June 2020 security update.

It also means that the phone will be compatible with new apps and features, which extends the longevity of this ultra-budget Android phone. Given the customary two updates, this might also be the last update the Nokia 1 will receive. Not a bad track record for an entry-level phone when more expensive flagships barely even get one update.