NOAA has some seriously cheesy Valentine's Day cards for you

Are you tired of the ordinary, boring, and otherwise saccharine-sweet Valentine's Day cards you can pick up at the store? If so, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has some cheesy satellite-themed Valentine's Day cards for you to tweet, email, or hand-deliver to your favorite people.

NOAA is the agency that focuses on our own planet and its various phenomena, tracking draughts and floods, monitoring ocean levels and global temperatures, tracking major storms, and much more. You can imagine, then, what kind of Valentine's Day cards the agency has dreamed up.

In addition to their wonderfully minimalist designs, the cards have cheesy, dumb-but-funny puns of the romantic persuasion, each revolving around Earth and the agency's own missions. The images were made by the NOAA Satellite and Information Service (NESDIS).

As you'd expect, the images can be saved and shared digitally or downloaded from the NOAA website and then printed at home — you can find the direct link to the downloadable templates here [PDF].

NOAA, of course, isn't the only one offering free themed Valentine's Day cards. Epic, for example, has just revealed its own Valentine's Day cards featuring half a dozen of its characters, including popular ones like Cuddle Team Leader. These cards, too, are available to download and print.