Fortnite gets its own Valentine's Day cards for anyone to download

Epic has another treat for Valentine's Day, one that comes in the form of digital and printable cards for players to send their friends. The new offering features a number of popular and love-themed Fortnite characters, including Cuddle Team Leader, Lovely, Stoneheart, Love Ranger, Wild Card, and more. Players can download them now.

The Hearts Wild event to celebrate Valentine's Day is still underway, giving players access to new emoticons, banners, wraps, and more. The Valentine's Day cards are part of this overall theme, and they're free for anyone to download and send digitally or print and give to someone in person.

Each card features the aforementioned characters, as well as a blank space for you to write a message and your name. The images can be saved from Epic's website here, where there's also a link to download them all in a ZIP file for printing at home.

If you haven't yet, you can sign into Fortnite to play the weekly Hearts Wild quests. The rewards include a number of Valentine's Day-themed items. Epic notes that because these are 'Epic' quests, they will remain available for the rest of the season — meaning you don't have to rush to get them done in the next few days.

If you complete at least one of the epic season five Hearts Wild quests, you'll unlock the Breathless Blades pickaxe, which features pink blades. There's also a Hearts Wild event planned for teams to battle it out in different regions for glory and an array of goodies.