No, Twitter is not shutting down next year

If you have a look at Twitter right now, you might notice a particularly strange trending hashtag. #SaveTwitter is currently at the top of the trending list, and clicking it displays a whole slew of people who think Twitter is going to be shutting down early next year. Such a notion, as you may have already guessed, is making these people freak out.

If these panicked tweets are to be believed, Twitter will be shut down in 2017 due to concerns about cyber bullying. Worried users can take a sigh of relief, however, as there's been no real indication that Twitter will actually close its virtual doors any time in the near or distant future. In fact, Twitter has already confirmed to The Independent that these rumors are false, so there's really no need to worry.

Don't expect that to slow the rate at which people are tweeting about the need to save Twitter, though. However the rumor started, it's caught on like wildfire and is now spreading across the site at an incredible rate. The number of tweets sporting the savetwitter hashtag is growing by hundreds each minute, and it's probably going to take a little while before the panic surrounding the rumored shut down begins to taper off.

This just goes to show that it isn't always best to take everything you read on the web at face value. Interestingly enough, we saw a subset of users attempting to reason that if Twitter was being shut down for cyber bullying, we might as well do the same for schools. Nice try kids, but getting out of school isn't that easy.

SOURCE: The Independent