No, that's not a Wii blaster, it's a Sharp Shooter

We're still waiting to hear from Nintendo about the purported Wii blaster that is rumored to be coming out next month. But if you're just dying to get your hands on something similar, UK peripherals manufacturer Joytech might be able to satisfy your needs.

Then again, they might not. The Wii Sharp Shooter is a plastic housing that will hold both the Wiimote and the Nunchuk in the shape of a gun. I guess it might work, but I'm not sure just how well it will.

The good thing is that they say it will work with any TV. Of course you're just buying a piece of plastic, so I never really thought there'd be a problem. They do go out of their way to mention it on their site more than once, so maybe someone thought it would be an issue. No word yet on pricing or availability, hopefully they'll get it out before the Wii blaster hits the market.

Wii Sharp Shooter "Light Gun" Accessory For Wii Controllers [via gamingbits]