No surprise: Apple Watch bags 1M pre-orders on day one

Despite some caveats and worries about supplies, it should come as a shock to no one except the hardest disbeliever that the Apple Watch did quite well on its very first day, at least as far as pre-orders are concerned. Sure, there might be a bit of incredulity, even perhaps shaking of heads, at the outcome, but this is Apple we're talking about. Although the company will most likely not release official numbers later on, research firm Slice Intelligence claims that almost 1 million pre-orders of the Apple Watch were made on Friday alone.

The exact number is actually 957,000, which is still a bit short of the 1 mil landmark. The information comes mostly from e-receipts, so it's not completely official or accurate. And the number of people who pre-ordered the smartwatch online? 9,080 shoppers. Slice Intelligence claims that, on average, a person ordered 1.3 smartwatches (if there's such a thing) and ponied up $503.83 per smartwatch. And that's in the US only, as no data have been gathered, yet, from other countries that also launched the Apple Watch simultaneously, like the UK or Canada. Much less China, Apple's new darling.

Other numbers of the study are also interesting. Perhaps it also shouldn't be surprising that majority of pre-orders were spent on the least expensive Apple Watch Sport, which has a $349 price tag at the lowest. It seems that also 71 percent of the orders opted for the larger 42 mm sizes instead of the 38 mm ones. Perhaps it can be correlated to gender, though not entirely.

Of course, these are just pre-order numbers, taken from online shoppers, and not yet indicative of actual sales. Though we bet they'll be pretty close. It is still somewhat too early to conclude success of the Apple Watch, which has gathered rather mixed previews. But as far as initial popularity and hype goes, the Apple Watch definitely gets the crown, even compared to its other Apple siblings.

SOURCE: Slice Intelligence