No snooze button here: screeching rug demands you rise

My grandad was a bit of a maker in his day – knowing that the shipyard that he worked at would dock a halfday's wages should he be even half a minute late, he set up an elaborate alarm clock that would cause a whole shelf of cups, books and various other junk to drop on his head when it went off.  Unfortunately that also meant my grandmother was bombed each morning, but that's the sort of thing you put up with in the name of love.  Perhaps if he'd had this Carpet Alarm Clock things might've been different (i.e. less dizzy).



Ostensibly a simple mat, in fact there's a digital alarm clock woven into the fabric that to silence you must stand on.  The idea is that you leave it somewhere in your bedroom and then, in the morning, if you want to stop it from screeching then you really have to get up.  It's a design by Sofie Collin & Gustav Lanberg and sadly not slated for production, but I'm sure an enterprising maker could fashion one of his own with very little effort.

Yanko Design [via Core77]