No PS3 price drop after all?

So much for anyone that was hoping for those PS3 price cuts that we mentioned yesterday. Obviously Sony is content with the current PS3 sales and is confident that they can continue to sell them for $600.

They officially released a statement stating "PS3 prices and shipment plans for the future should be determined by market trends and competition. Sony currently doesn't have any specific plan to cut the PlayStation 3's price."

Well, as far as market trends go, the "trend" amounts to slow sales, and the "competition" is selling machines for half the price. Sounds to me like that's a perfect reason to drop the price.

I know you're all going to tell me how well the PS3 is selling, but regardless of how great of a machine it might be, the sales are still slow. It's pretty sad when it's being outsold by products that made their debut over 6 years ago.

Granted the PS2 is outselling almost everything else, but why do you think people are buying it instead of upgrading to the PS3? My guess is the high price and lack of backwards compatibility. The other theory is that the PS3 is far too advanced and they fear that by purchasing and playing it that it will literally blow their minds.

I'm not saying that the PS3 isn't a powerful machine with great potential, I'm saying that there's obviously something wrong with the picture if twice as many people would rather buy their previous generation gaming console rather than the current one. It's kind of like when customers beg Dell to let them buy Windows XP instead of Vista, it's not a good sign.

So Sony AREN'T Considering Price Cuts? [via kotaku]