No PlayStation 4 until 2010?

Elizabeth Tjhai - Dec 8, 2006

If you are one of lucky dudes who got a hand on PS3 system, here is something that you might be interested to hear. According to the industry analyst, there might be no next generation of the PlayStation. However, Sony Europe VP Paul Holman said that Sony will lunch a PS4 but perhaps not until at least 2010.

Some analysts say that Sony play too heavily bet on PlayStation 3. The R&D costs are too high since Sony loses an estimated $240 to $300 on every PS 3 console sold, and it would take at least five years before Sony can recoup the costs of PlayStation 3 hardware. On the top of that, we can’t refuse that the cost of the unit is still high comparing to its competitors.


For now, thinking of PlayStation 4 seems to be a bit day dreaming since Sony is still busy trying to remain population of the new PS 3 in Japan and North America. The PlayStation 3 will be lunched for the European and Australian in March 2007.
Analyst Predicts No PlayStation 4, Sony Says Otherwise [via dailytech]

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