No new Nintendo Switch this year, company confirms

If you were hoping for a Nintendo Switch Pro this year and were worried about rumors that the custom NVIDIA chip for it isn't ready yet, you can stop holding your breath. In what might be a rare behavior for companies that usually say "no comment" on future products, Nintendo has put an end to dreams and hopes of a new Nintendo Switch coming this year by putting it on record that it has no plans to do so.

By console standards, the Nintendo Switch is actually still a baby. Even without considering the most recent Switch Lite variant and the slightly improved model, the Switch is barely three years old at this point. It's still going strong and Nintendo doesn't seem to want to risk breaking that just yet.

After all, the Switch just reached a rather historical milestone. Its total lifetime sales have surpassed not only its distant ancestor, the much-beloved Super Nintendo Entertainment System or SNES, it may have also outsold the Xbox One. At least based on estimates since Microsoft hasn't been revealing numbers for a while now.

In its most recent earnings report, the company admits that, traditionally, it should already be at the midway point of the Switch's lifecycle but Nintendo chief Shuntaro Furukawa thinks they've barely scratched the surface. With the launch of the Switch Lite, he believes the company still has a lot of opportunities to communicate the capabilities of the two styles, not to mention the opportunities to profit from special themed editions.

This official confirmation may be disappointing but not totally surprising. It may also be for the best, considering recent rumors aren't exactly exciting as far as a Switch Pro or Switch 2 go. It also lets Nintendo skip the media circus that will inevitably arise from the launch of the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X later this year.