No more fishing for your house keys with this gadget

Well once again, I've come across a gadget that makes me feel slightly retarded. It's one of those simple inventions that any airhead should have thought of, but didn't. It's a remote from Locca that unlocks the door to your house like you would do with a remote for your car. Even better than your car, it can program in more than one key.

It actually programs in up to 19 keys, which is great for those of us that despise carrying around a bunch of bulky keys. I would rather learn to pick my own locks than carry around keys, which is kind of funny since I carry a purse anyway. I just don't want to have to find them in there; everyone knows that the bottom of a woman's purse can be pretty scary.

The remote is easy to install and is just as safe as your regular car remote. The remote has a 50 meter range and a backup battery just in case your power goes out. The remote is priced around $300.

Front Door Into Car Door [via gadgetcandy]