No Man's Sky won't require PlayStation Plus subscription to play

Good news for those of you PS4 owners who are planning to pick up No Man's Sky when it launches next month: Sony has revealed that the long-anticipated title won't require a subscription to PlayStation Plus. A fair number of PS4 owners likely already have PlayStation Plus, but for those who don't, this means that they won't have to shell out more money just to play the game.

The interesting thing here is that No Man's Sky is technically a multiplayer game. While you'll be in a game world populated with other players, though, the chances of actually running into them are slim-to-none given the vastness of the universe No Man's Sky will be showcasing. This has led to classifying No Man's Sky as a single player game, Sony told Game Informer Australia, thus dropping the requirement of PlayStation Plus in order to play.

However, if you want to leave your mark on the universe as you explore it, you'll still need to be connected to the internet as you play, so keep that in mind. No Man's Sky will offer players the chance to explore a procedurally generated universe, visiting planets, interacting with various fauna, and taking part in the best thing about intergalactic travel: space battles. Many players have hopped aboard the No Man's Sky hype train since it was first introduced back in 2013, and starting on August 9, PC and PS4 players will get to see if the game lives up to the incredible amount of hype that has been built up around it.

PlayStation Plus has been with us since the PS3 era, but while it was never required to play games online with the PS3, that's no longer the case with the PS4. Players are required to pay $50 a year if they want to take their game online, but a PlayStation Plus subscription comes with a few extra perks, such as a rotating list of games that are free to download for subscribers. The fact that a subscription isn't required to play No Man's Sky could be good news for sales numbers, but first the game has to meet the lofty expectations fans have for it. Are you picking up No Man's Sky when it releases next month?

SOURCE: Game Informer