No Man's Sky Visions update is going to be huge

No Man's Sky almost ended up being the tragic story of an ambitious game that bit off more than it could chew. Fortunately, developer Hello Games managed to steer the ship around not only to save it but to also prove that the initial disappointing release was really just the foundations of greater things to come. And it seems that even greater things are in store for players soon now that the developer's grand vision for the next update, appropriately named "Visions", has leaked out.

It has barely been half a year since Hello Games launched No Man's Sky NEXT, the update that became the game's salvation. In addition to improved graphics and performance, the update delivered some of the gameplay elements that No Man's Sky promised early on, including multiplayer content. Now that the once shaky foundations have been reinforced, the developers are now heaping tons of new stuff on it, perhaps to see just how well it will hold.

If there's one word that seems to describe the Vision update, it is "more". More biomes, either five times or five more, more anomalous lifeforms, and more things to salvage. Digging will no longer be just scavenging for resources but also hunting for alien fossils. Maybe some future update will let you revive those lifeforms as well.

As with any procedurally-generated content, there's no telling what you'd find. You might even come across the crashed remains of freighters which, of course, you can take apart for your own base and equipment. And you'll definitely need to if you want to survive the harsher environments that Visions would dump on you.

The update will also bring in some elements of fun, like new emotes and even launchable fireworks. Suffice it to say, now that the cat's out of the bag, players, as well as critics, will be ready to pounce on anything that Hello Games will have to say about the update, which will hopefully come soon.