No Man's Sky update adds bobbleheads to your cockpit

Staying at home for prolonged periods of time may suck but it may also be an opportunity for some people to do things they normally couldn't get to in the hustle and bustle of regular daily life. Like for example, binging on the shows you've always wanted to watch or spending some quality time with your favorite game. Some content creators and distributors have rushed pushing new content to offer some much-needed distraction and No Man's Sky creator Hello Games is no exception.

Just because you're flying through space alone doesn't mean you really have to be alone. Although it won't be a replacement for an actual interactive companion, new bobblehead collectibles can at least offer you a visual distraction on your ship's cockpit. Available from the Quicksilver Synthetic Companion, the figurines currently available come in the miniaturized and disproportionate forms of Specialist Polo and Priest Entity Nada.

That's not the only thing coming in the latest update to the space exploration and survival game. Polo's and Nada's research has unlocked three new plants, the Umbrella Tree, Writhing Bush, and Entwining Tree. All of these can be replanted in your habitable base if you're OK with living with the category 2 radiation they emit.

The update also has new featured bases made by players in the Space Anomaly. The developers also ominously hint at some possible disturbances in the universe that could give way to new weekend missions. Perhaps it's also time they expand it to some weekdays given how much time some people have in their hands these days.

Although it was off to a very rough start, Hello Games' No Man Sky was able to finally recover and deliver many, though not yet all, of the promises the developers made to hype the game before launch. The latest update dropped just last month, bringing living ships and other literally and figuratively alien things. This latest update is a small step in comparison but does assure gamers that nothing is stopping the game's development yet.