No Man's Sky developer calls game 'a mistake' in apparent hack

It's been a little while since we've heard from No Man's Sky developer Hello Games, but now it's broken the silence in a fairly major way. Earlier today, the official Hello Games Twitter account tweeted out that the game was "a mistake" before promptly removing the tweet and making its account private. The plot, it would seem, has thickened.

Of course, the chance that this is the result of a hack seems likely. After all, seeing a game company disparage its own games is a pretty rare thing. However, the folks over at Polygon reached out to Hello Games lead Sean Murray, and someone claiming to be him with access to his email address responded.

Murray – or someone impersonating him, at any rate – told Polygon that he was the one who published the tweet, while someone else on the team took it down. He added that the team at Hello Games "have not been coping well," in the time since launch. If this is the result of a hack, then it's a fairly comprehensive one, because it means the hacker has access to both Sean Murray's email and Hello Games' Twitter account.

This has led Sean Murray to break his months-long silence on Twitter, saying in a tweet "If anything was a mistake, it was using Linked In without 2FA." This tweet was published while I've been writing this, and since then, Murray has told Mashable that these surprising tweets came from a disgruntled employee.

If so, that means this employee gained access to at least two different accounts to pull this off. We'll have to see how this develops throughout the day, but for now, it seems we have our culprit. Regardless of what happened or who's to blame, one thing is for sure: this definitely is a strange way for Hello Games' long-silent social media accounts to spring back to life. Stay tuned.

SOURCE: Polygon

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