No Man's Sky Desolation Update is just what the game needed

Another update for No Man's Sky has landed, and this one definitely has some (much-needed, in our opinion) horror vibes to it. Dubbed the Desolation Update, this new patch brings No Man's Sky to version 2.6 and adds new derelict freighters to encounter and explore. As you might expect, those abandoned freighters can hold rewards for those brave enough to face the dangers of exploring them.

Exploring them might be easier said than done, as the derelict freighters you happen upon are haunted and can house things like hostile AI or even alien infestations. The interior of these freighters are procedurally generated, just like most of the environments in No Man's Sky. Hello Games says that each freighter will have a story, and that players will be able to extract upgrades and items from them as well.

The Desolation update will also serve up new features for player-owned freighters, so there's definitely something of a theme to this update. With those technologies you salvage from derelict freighters, you'll be able to upgrade the inventory size of your own capital ship. Freighters can now also be recolored and their storage boxes can be accessed from the main inventory interface. You can even build teleporters on your capital ship to quickly move between bases and and space stations.

In addition to all of the freighter updates, Hello Games has also changed the way combat works, particularly with Sentinels. Sentinel health has been lowered, but don't think that means the fights will be any easier, because when they call for reinforcements, more Sentinels will spawn. Weapon visuals have also been improved, so it should be easier to see what you're shooting at as you fight.

This is a pretty hefty patch that comes with a lot of bug fixes in addition to the new features. You can see what's new over in the full patch notes published to the No Man's Sky website. The update is available now across PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, so give it a download and go hunt some derelict freighters.