No Force Awakens DLC for Battlefront

Now that a large portion of people have seen The Force Awakens, fans are wondering when they're going to be able to get inside of that universe again. Specifically, when they're going to be able to play a game set in that same time period. After all, who doesn't want to mow down some TIE's like Poe? Well, if you're hoping to get into some TFA action in Battlefront, you're going to be disappointed.

Earlier this month EA released the first piece of Battlefront DLC, dubbed The Battle of Jakku. This gave fans a way to see the battle that left a super star destroyer abandoned on the planet's surface. Unfortunately, it looks like this will be the only tie-in DLC for the game.

A few days ago, a fan tweeted at the @EAStarWars account, which handles all Star Wars-related gaming matters, to ask about Episode 7 content. The response was a simple one. "Our team is focusing on the original trilogy for this release of Star Wars Battlefront."

While that might disappoint fans who want more movie tie-ins, that does tell us that they might have something up their sleeve for the next installment in the Battlefront franchise. Of course, that's bound to be a few years away.