No bicycle lane? Create your own with LightLane

I really do envy all of those people out there brave enough to ride in the bicycle lanes that close to traffic.  All it would take is one distracted driver to clip you and end your cycling days. Sometimes having a red blinker and other various lights just doesn't seem to catch their eye.

Only a very small fraction of the streets have dedicated bike lanes and that is understandable seeing that the cost of installation is anywhere from $5,000 to $50,000 for mile. Luckily LightLane projects a very vivid virtual bike lane just behind you on the road itself.

Now that there is a clearer indication of the bike lane at night cyclists can have a bit more confidence while taking to the streets after dark. It is clear in the picture that the large red lighting effect given off by the LightLane will make drivers more aware to your presence than a traditional single blinking red light would. Though it is only a concept now, it would really help cyclists who brave the roadways at night.