No 4-player co-op for Lego Indiana Jones after all

Chris Scott Barr - Feb 22, 2008

Earlier this week when I reported that the upcoming Lego Indiana Jones title would support 4-player co-op, I admit that I had my doubts. I really couldn’t picture myself trying to coordinate my actions with three other people in my living room throughout the entire game. Apparently there’s no need to worry  about it, as the game will only be 2-player.

Apparently there was some sort of miscommunication with the LucasArts staff when that news came to light, which has since been corrected. It’s really for the best I think, as 2-player co-op felt just right on the Lego Star Wars games.

Were any of you guys really looking forward to the 4-player co-op? I’ll probably play most of the game solo, so it’s not really going to matter a whole lot one way or the other. It’s just fun when one of my friends stops by to have them pick up the other controller and jump right in.

[via Multiplayer]

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