NitroCream N2-G4: is $75k too much for ice-cream?

Looking like an espresso machine with a slicked-back haircut, this is a custom NitroCream N2-G4 Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Machine.  Billed as the best ice cream maker ever made, this particular N2-G4 is hand-made and costs a cool (ahem) $75,000; the standard N2-G4 is priced from $34,900.Video demo after the cut

What makes the N2-G4 special is that it creates custom batches of ice-cream almost instantaneously, rather than producing large amounts in advance that then have to be frozen and stored.  It'll produce ice cream and gelato on-demand, and needs no permanent connections.

Frankly, this is a crazy amount of money for a crazy ice cream maker, but I love the video and the shiny, chromed N2-G4 itself.  You'd just really, really have to love ice-cream to buy one yourself.

[via Born Rich]