Nissan's new Z car may be called the 400Z and is expected in late 2022

Nissan Z car fans will be disappointed at a new rumor making the rounds and suggests the car may be coming later than expected. The new report indicates that the car may not be revealed until the end of 2022 and may not be available to purchase until 2023. If correct, that will mean the current 370Z will of been around since 2008, which is a decade and a half with minimal changes.

While the 370Z certainly has its share of fans, but the car hasn't done well against the competition in the marketplace. It's seen as heavy, underpowered, overpriced, and has only two seats, while most of its competitors have at least a vestigial backseat. The new Z car is tipped to be called the 400Z and is expected to remain a two-seater.

Currently, Nissan's short-term plan spans out until 2023, seeing the automaker focus on expanding its crossover model range and launching more than eight new EVs. Nissan also intends to reduce its product portfolio by 20 percent, discontinuing older models, and some vehicles specific to a single region.

The 400Z is expected to be sold across all of Nissan's major markets, including North America, China, and Europe, to maximize its profitability. The image at the top of the story is a teaser image Nissan showed off previously and is the best look we have for now.

Some basic assumptions are that the vehicle will have two-doors, two-seats, a front-engine rear-drive layout, and a V-6 engine. Those have been hallmarks of the Z car since its introduction decades ago. The car is likely to face the same challenges on the market in the past, namely, cost and the lack of rear seats. We certainly hope the car has significantly more power and better handling.