Nissan van life concept includes a tiny desk for working on the road

If you dream of packing up your laptop and adopting the van life, Nissan's new concept will give you some inspiration. The company has showcased a new van design that packs everything you need for a simple life into a relatively compact van small enough for anyone to comfortably drive. Among other things, the concept includes a tiny workstation for getting things done.

More people are working remotely than ever before, and many people plan to continue working outside of the office when the pandemic ends. One of the advantages of working from 'home' is that you can technically work anywhere you can hook up your laptop, phone, and get an Internet connection.

Thus, many people are hitting the road for a more permanent 'workation,' and a number of camper and camper-like products with dedicated workspaces have popped up as a result. The latest is the Nissan NV350 Caravan ES Mobility Concept, which is a model for the 'van life' market that includes a small place to pull out your laptop and get to work.

As you'd expect, the Nissan concept doesn't have as much workspace as, say, the recent camper trailer unveiled by Airstream. However, it does include a small desk that can be placed at one of the seats or bed to use your laptop. As well, there's a bar-like table mounted on one wall that can be used when the floor is expanded, offering a bit more horizontal space and a place to stretch.

The van also includes storage space in the form of rails on the ceiling and empty space beneath the rear bench, which unfolds into a larger bed. The concept is designed in such a way that users can install accessories to suit their own needs, making it possible to carry fishing gear, camping equipment, or other items for outdoor adventures.

The key aspect of this concept is that it is essentially the components within the camper that customers will eventually get access to. Nissan designed the system to work with its NV350 Caravan GX, meaning users can essentially create a 'DIY' camper van, but without the huge amount of work and skill needed to retrofit an ordinary van into something livable.

When these components will be available, and at what price, remains unknown at this time.