Nissan to launch electric-hybrid Pathfinder SUV this summer

Brittany A. Roston - Mar 28, 2013
Nissan to launch electric-hybrid Pathfinder SUV this summer

Nissan has announced plans to roll out a gas-electric hybrid version of its popular Pathfinder SUV this summer, a change that will bring with it a slight increase in both price and gas mileage. Neither a specific release date nor price were given, but word has it the SUV will cost about $3,000 more than the current non-hybrid Pathfinder, which has a starting price of $41,000, and goes up from there to nearly $50k.

The gasoline-electric hybrid Pathfinder will feature both a supercharged 2.5-liter gas engine and an electric motor that, combined, offer 250 horsepower. This will bring about 5 more miles per gallon, bringing the total up to 25MPG in the city and 27MPG on the highway for a combined total of 26MPG.

This is a tad higher than the current 21MPG combined total for the all-wheel drive gasoline model. Of course, an electric hybrid brings with it some extra-battery baggage, which will be found below the third-row bench, taking up that section of space and perhaps proving inconvenient to some owners.

Nissan’s Vice President of Product Planning Pierre Loing said: “The Pathfinder Hybrid is highly affordable because it matches motor and battery size well, while minimizing the number of additional parts or modifications needed to the platform and body. It is designed as a logical bridge between conventional internal combustion engine powertrains and the wider acceptance of hybrid systems by providing enhanced efficiency with no compromises versus the standard vehicle.”

[via Wall Street Journal]

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