Nissan Leaf battery replacement program slated for 2014

Brittany A. Roston - Jun 21, 2013
Nissan Leaf battery replacement program slated for 2014

Nissan has announced a battery replacement program for its Leaf electric vehicle. Under the program, which starts next year, consumers will be able to have the battery pack in their vehicle swapped out for a new pack. This is in addition to the battery’s warranty that comes with the vehicle, giving owners an extra option if needed.

The program will be priced at about $100 per month, with the battery pack provided under it have a warranty said to be similar to that of the original battery pack per the auto maker’s EV Limited Warranty. Under the terms, the battery packs are guaranteed to keep a capacity of a minimum of 9 bars/70-percent for the duration of the car’s ownership.

In addition, the batteries provided under the separate replacement program are guaranteed to be free of defects in the areas of both workmanship and materials. Should the batteries fall below the capacity guaranteed by the plan, or if they experience some type of defect, Nissan will swap them out with fresh ones (either new or refurbished) for free.

Nissan’s Direct of Electric Vehicle Sales and Marketing Erik Gottfried said: “Technology is evolving and battery prices are projected to decline as EVs become increasingly mainstream. Therefore, this new battery program today affords more flexibility for the future so that customers can both upgrade to the latest available technology for their LEAF and enjoy more predictable vehicle operating costs.”

The pricing structure is said to be similar in nature to the equivalent program in Europe. Nissan Leaf owners will be able to sign-up for the program starting sometime in the first half of next year, although a more specific date wasn’t provided. More details on the replacement plan are slated for publication later on this year.

SOURCE: Nissan

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