Nissan Eporo robot car gets updated

There are many new robots being unveiled that tend to be design studies for other things. Nissan has an updated robot called the BR23C Eporo. The original robot was equipped with a single laser range finder to sense obstacles and avoid them.

The updated Eporo has an obstacle detection system that allows it to travel in groups like a school of fish without crashing into other bots in the group. Nissan accomplished this by giving the Eporo two laser range finders compared to the single laser range finder of the original.

The dual laser range finders give the updated Eporo a field of view encompassing 288 degrees compared to the 180-degree field of view the original had. The little robot stands a bit over a foot and a half tall and weighs 28.6 pounds. The maximum speed is about 1.4km/h. Nissan is looking to incorporate the tech into future cars to help prevent accidents on congested roads.