Nissan BR23C robot can avoid accidents

Nissan wants to cut the rate of accidents by 50% by the year 2015. And in order to do that, they have developed an accident-avoiding robot called the BR23C, which stands for Biomimetic Car Robot Drive. And the company's inspiration for the bots? Bees.  

Interestingly enough, bees keep personal space about them at all times in an oval shape. By using their compound eyes, they can see 300 degrees around themselves. The BR23C utilizes this same principle by using laser range finders to "see" 180 degrees in front of the car for about 6 feet ahead.

The robot reacts like a bee as well by changing direction rapidly to avoid obstacles and turning 90-degrees to dodge. The BR23C is meant to be used in tandem with other safety technologies such as lane departure prevention.

[via CNET Reviews]