Nissan announces pricing for 2012 370Z models

When it comes to sports cars one of the popular options that is available in the US for people shopping in the low $40,000 and under range is the Nissan 370Z. Nissan has now announced the official pricing for the models for 2012. The pricing on the 2012 370Z Roadster and 370Z Coupe are unchanged from 2011. The Z Coupe starts at $31,459 for the manual transmission version.

The Coupe with the 7-speed auto is $32,750, the Touring coupe is $36,150 in manual and with the auto transmission, the car is $37,450. The 7-speed auto has paddle shifters and an automatic rev-match downshift feature. The Roadster starts at $39,500 and goes up to $43,500. Nissan also offered pricing on the more race oriented NISMO 370Z.

The NISMO version has a 350hp V6 engine with a special interior and tuned suspension. The car also has lightweight forged alloy wheels. The car also benefits from other special parts like a strut tower brace and more. The car also features special brakes; a Viscous limited slip differential and more. The NISMO version of the car sells for $40,830 and only comes in a manual transmission model.