Nissan 3E head-mounted display teased in dark video

The Tokyo Motor show is sure to bring on its fair share of oddities rather soon, one of the more face-friendly being the Nissan 3E HUD – a heads-up display made for Nissan vehicle driving specifically. What you're going to find with this device is a system in-tune with the vehicle as you drive it, allowing you to see a variety of detail points on the inner workings of the car while your traditional dashboard collection of meters gives you the rest of the layout per usual. Now we've just got to see how this device actually works.

By the looks of it, the Nissan 3E attaches to one's head with a rather simplistic wrap-around band that requires that you've got both ears fully intact on your head. The computing bit rests entirely in a rather sizable component up and to the left of the wearer's left eye. A single piece of glass sits at an angle in front of the left eye to show a display projected from the larger unit.

This device has not been priced, not has it been given a full release schedule in any way shape or form. Instead we've got one extremely stylized teaser video showing the "birth" of the machine on an especially pumped-up fellow who must live in a state where it's legal to drive shirtless. Have a peek!

It's important to note also that this machine is currently in a prototype stage. The presentation in full – as well as this teaser, of course – comes in a form that's made specifically for the Tokyo Motor Show and should not be looked upon as a final product in any way at all.

You'll find inspiration enough to check back in SlashGear's Nissan tag portal and/or the larger SlashGear Car Hub for our full jump into the Tokyo Auto Show as a whole. Stick around as we see the full details pop up sooner than later. This piece of technology specifically will be appearing in full in just over 8 days from now.

VIA: Nissan