Nintendo Wii U to offer free Wii Fit U trial in November

One of the things that made the original Nintendo Wii so popular was that rather than being a passive gaming experience where players simply set on the couch, it got players up and active to play many of the video games available. Nintendo carried that active gaming theme on when it unveiled the Nintendo Wii U game console. Nintendo has announced a Wii Fit U free trial will kick off in November.

Nintendo is offering owners of the Wii U who also own the Wii Balance Board a free trial of the Wii Fit U fitness game as a downloadable from the Nintendo eShop. The trial version of the software is the full Wii Fit U experience rather than some limited version of the game.

However, the trial version of the software will only work for 31 days from the time it's first played. The free trial is downloadable between November 1, 2013 and January 31, 2014. Nintendo has also noted that during the trial users who buy a Fit Meter accessory and sync that accessory to the game will be able to continue playing Wii Fit U forever.

The Fit Meter is an activity tracker that can be purchased at retailers all around the country for $19.99. Wii Fit U allows users to create custom routines for the favorite activities and keep track the progress along with allowing users to see what friends are up to in an online gym community. The game offers more than 70 activities including yoga, strength training, and fitness games. Fit U also includes dance activities with eight different dancing styles.

SOURCE: Nintendo